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CO's Parade

CO's Parade and Inspection is on the last Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise instructed).

Dress for CO's Parade is always full Dress Uniform with uniforms clean and neatly pressed, boots to high-gloss-mirror-shine with hair and grooming to regulation.

As always, if you have questions regarding dress or your Section Commander. DO NOT POST YOUR QUESTIONS ON FB or CONTACT THE CORPS OFFICERS DIRECTLY!
Your Section Commanders are your go to resource for all things...if they do not have the answer (no-one has all the answers) they will get the information you require and get back to you asap. For the well running of the Corps and the training of all cadets at every rank and position, it is essential that you respect the chain of command and use the lines of communication as directed.

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Later Event: June 2
ACR Practice