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Year End Trip

Drop off at 8am Sat, Pick up 9PM on Sunday Location: TBA

Cadets are welcomed to participate in the annual year end trip. This event is a direct result of fundraising efforts by the corps and the organization of the support committee. Cadets are expected to act respectful to all staff and other cadets on the trip. Any cadet unable to act in this manner will have their parent asked to come and pick them up and will not be able to participate in the rest of the trip.
Cadet will be going to the Toronto zoo & Canada's Wonderland

Dress & packing - cadets are to wear approitate civillian clothing at all times. This means no clothing with rips, swear words or inappropriate images. Cadet should refer to the annex A for the kit list, detailing items to pack.

Vaulable: Cadets that choose to bring electronic devices or other items of value do so at their own risk. Staff will not be responsible for any items that are lost, stolen or damaged. Cadets will be responsible at all times for their own items.

Medication: Any cadet that requires daily medication must bring this with them, clearly labled in an orgianl bottle listind dosages and instructions. These items can be handed in to the officer that will be overseeing medication during drop off and pick up.

Dietary restrictions: Please note that staff can not be held responsbile for providing meals to cadets with dietary restrictions. Accomidation may be made but it should not be expected. Parents are asked to speak with the CO before deciding if the trip is something your cadet can participate in without causing a dietary issue.

Permission Form

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