Communication Protocol
Our constant goal is to provide accurate and up to date information to all cadets and cadet families while reinforcing the chain of command and using the appropriate lines of communication. To that end, the calendar on this website will be the primary location for all scheduling and contain the details and information for all events. The corps Facebook page will be used for outgoing notification only from the corps FB admins to minimize confusion and posts with inaccurate information. Cadets and FB page members will not be able to start new threads on the FB page, but can respond to existing threads.

 A critical part of cadet training is learning organizational & leadership skills as well as effective communication, so having the CADETS take responsibility and learn to communicate effectively with one another is essential to the program.

The CO, officers and staff will always be available on parade nights for cadets and family members to approach with questions or concerns, however, the primary point of contact regarding week to week scheduling, attendance, uniforms and training details will be addressed by cadets directly with their parade Section Commanders.

Section Commanders will be in touch with all cadets in their section at the beginning of every week to check in, answer questions and confirm attendance for the upcoming training night. This is the best time for cadets to ask whatever questions they may have. If Section Commanders do not have all the required answers (because no one has all the answers) then they will follow their communication protocol up the ladder, find the answers and get back to the cadet as soon as possible. Cadets can also initiate contact with their Section Commanders if need be to ask questions or report their absence from a training night or a corps activity.

In the case of emergencies or short notice changes to attendance on training days, absences should be reported to the corps admin office at 613-541-5010 x5939.

Email can be sent to the general mailbox at: contact@KingstonArmyCadets and will be directed to the Commanding Officer or a specific staff member if required.

Improvements can always be made to every organization and with the buy in of all cadets and the co-operation and patience of parents and guardians, we can continue to strive for more effective communication.