Officers & Staff
The officers of 2587 Princess of Wales Own Regiment are members of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC). The CIC is a sub-component of the Reserve Force, COATS. Our primary duty is the supervision, administration and training of close to 65,000 sea, army and air cadets across Canada.

CIC Officers come from virtually all walks of civilian life. Some are students, others are homemakers, doctors, police officers, accountants, construction workers and ex-Regular Force military. But no matter how diverse their backgrounds, CIC Officers do have one thing in common - their dedication to the development of Canada's youth.

The training of officers of the CIC is conducted throughout the calendar year by the appropriate.  Regional CIC Training School.    These courses offer a civilian exposure to a military environment while also covering fundamental skills required in training cadets. Upon graduation from the first course (Basic Officer Training Course), candidates may become commissioned officers of the Canadian Forces (Reserves). It is interesting to note that, with more than 6000 members, the CIC is the largest officer branch in the Canadian Forces. For more information on the Cadet Instructor Cadre, visit the
National Cadet Website.

Without members and volunteers many activities in a Corps would not take place. Members and Volunteers give their time in a variety of ways and come from all walks of life with a wealth of experience in both private and ex-military sectors. The Army Cadet League of Canada welcomes a large number of volunteers at the Corps level and in the Army Cadet Program as a whole. The Army Cadet League of Canada and its partner, the Department of National Defense (DND) jointly support the Royal Canadian Army Cadets, a premier youth organization.

The Army Cadet program is a comprehensive program, which is run in a structured, disciplined and safe manner. In this context, it is important to ensure all volunteers are appropriately selected, initially supervised, well- intended, offer skills which add value and complement the program, and are good role models for Army Cadets. Knowing the volunteers, their skills and talents, and their intended contribution is very important to the Corps Officers, staff and Sponsoring Committee. A team effort produces the best results for the greater benefit of the Cadet Movement

2587 PWOR RCACC CIC Officers & Staff List

Commanding Officer       Lt (Navy) Brigitte Quesnel   
Operations Officer        Capt Don Haisell (Lt Col, Army, Retired)
Training Officer               Lt (Air) Victoria Reese
Administration Officer      Lt Clarissa Parsons
Admin Assistant              C.V. Elizabeth Anderson
Supply Officer                 Capt. Sam Ronholm

Staff Officer                     LT Doug Scriver
Staff Officer                     2LT Chris Morley
Staff Officer                     OCdt Dion Lougheed
Staff Officer                     OCdt
Anastasia Mikalutskaya

Reg Force Volunteer        Capt. Jeff LeBlanc
Reg Force Volunteer        M.W.O. Richard Corneau
Reg Force Volunteer        MCpl Don Kennedy

Civilian Volunteer (CV)     Ashley Anderson
Civilian Volunteer (CV)     Kodey Craig
Civilian Volunteer (CV)     Ryan Harriman

Civilian Volunteer (CV)     Matt Kirkeby
Civilian Volunteer (CV)     Sabrina Lamontagne
Civilian Volunteer (CV)     Elizabeth LeBlanc
Civilian Volunteer (CV)     Graeme McDonald
Civilian Volunteer (CV)     Matt Smith

*Corps RSM                     C.W.O. Madison Kirkeby

Star Level Instructors

Master Cadet Instructor   Lt (Air) Vicki Reece
Gold star Instructor         C.V. Ashley Anderson & C.V. Ryan Harriman
Silver star Instructor        C.V. Kodey Craig & OCdt Dion Lougheed       
Red star Instructor          C.V. Matt Smith & OCdt Anastasia Mikalutskaya        
Green star Instructor       C.V. Sabrina Lamontagne & C.V. Matt Kirkeby

Team Coaches

Shooting Team             Lt (N) Brigitte Quesnel (CO)
Orienteering Team        Lt Clarissa Parsons
Biathlon Team              Lt (N) Brigitte Quesnel (CO)
Drill Team
                   Capt. Jeff Leblanc
Pipes & Drum              Capt. Jeff LeBlanc