Regular attendance is critical to the completion of Star Levels, participating in and demonstrating competency in special training (FTXs, weekend workshops for leadership, marksmanship, etc). Participation in all aspects of training throughout the cadet year is a requirement for maintaining eligibility for summer camps. However, there are of course school, family and health priorities that come first where a planned or unforeseen absence from training is unavoidable.

With busy lives and schedules this is to be expected from time to time, but it is very important that a planned, or last minute absence be reported to the Admin Officer prior to the start of a training night, exercise or event to ensure the cadet is marked as “excused”. “

Unexcused absences count against the cadet’s attendance in a detrimental way while a reasonable number of legitimate excused absences do not.

As the corps has no phone number, the only way to report an absence at this time is via email to the 2587 Admin Officer at:

(If your household does not have access to email, please discuss this with the CO to make other arrangements).